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Purchasing a device for tuition

If you are looking to purchase a device for tuition, you must make sure it is a suitable device. A suitable device will run Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Chrome and the full desktop versions of Microsoft Office


I always recommend desktops over laptops - these tend to have larger screens, and for more distractible students, the mouse and keyboard can be removed. However, a laptop or tablet is also suitable.

For Apple Macs, any Mac currently sold by Apple is suitable for tuition, and will be able to run all the required and recommended software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Chrome, full Microsoft Office). A functioning microphone and webcam are required.

For iPads, I recommend an iPad with a screen size of at least 11". However, any iPad currently sold by Apple is suitable, although it must be big enough for your child to read. Keyboard cases or stands are highly recommended. A functioning microphone and webcam are required.

For Windows devices, the following specifications are recommended

8GB RAM (4GB minimum)

SSD preferred

Dual core processor

15" screen (minimum 13" screen)

Full Windows 11 (Windows 10 in Non-'S' mode minimum)

A functioning microphone and webcam are required.

Chromebooks should be avoided. Zoom and Microsoft Teams only support interactive features such as 'Request Control' on Mac and Windows. Chromebooks are also incompatible with the full version of Microsoft Office - most only run the web version, whereas some run the Android version - both of these are vastly different from the full version available on Mac and Windows.

You may wish to print this page or screenshot it if you are planning on purchasing from a representative in a retail environment.

I am able to make a few recommendations of suitable devices - however, the availability and stock of these may change at any point. I am not financially incentivised by referrals or any other factor - these are simply a few recommendations I am able to make based on the above information. Parents are encouraged to research the best deal for their child and their family.

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