As an independent tutor working 1:1, I book sessions on an hourly basis and charge an hourly rate. I do not publish my rates on the internet, but I am happy to share this with parents in consultation meetings. For shorter sessions*, I am happy to discuss prices with you privately. This fee includes my lesson planning and (if necessary) assignment and grading of homework tasks.

Payments for lessons can currently be made via bank transfer - however, I also have provision for parents to pay online with a bank card** or Apple Pay/Google Pay***.

I strongly encourage parents to consider subscribing students to Office 365; this allows students to engage with homework assignments assigned via editable documents, as well as gives students the ability to revisit reinforcement slides should these be assigned. This cost is unfortunately not included with my tuition services - however, parents can subscribe to this under a 5-device 'family subscription', available from Microsoft directly at a price of £7.99 monthly. This service is subject to Microsoft's terms and pricing may change in line with Microsoft policies - I am unable to provide support with this.

For invoicing and group size purposes, 'ticketed events' may only be purchased via web store. 

* shorter sessions usually comprise of 40 or 45 minute sessions (although this can be adjusted per student needs), and are only available to learners in or below year four and students with SEND needs that would prevent them from accessing a longer session. Please discuss this with me should you wish to pursue this avenue.

**There are no charges associated with payment via bank transfer or debit card - however, for credit card payments, there is an additional 30% fee due to associated service provider, withdrawal and account fees. 

***The distinction between credit and debit card includes cards used via Apple Pay. Your use of these services is subject to your device, manufacturer, bank and security policies on your phone - please liaise with your device manufacturer and your bank for clarity.