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How I Operate

I work fully online with your child, utilising a variety of different software to co-ordinate learning.

Lessons are conducted either on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, depending on student requirements and technological considerations.

Unless asked otherwise, I only provide homework as a reinforcement task for work if I feel it's necessary. Homework is all sent over my VLE (currently Microsoft Teams), and can usually be completed online either as editable files in Microsoft Office, interactive quizzes or as PDF files which can be printed or annotated with software such as Microsoft Edge for Windows or PDF Expert for iOS/macOS.

As part of my services, your child may be allocated an enterprise level Microsoft account - this gives them access to Microsoft Teams across all their devices, and basic access to Microsoft Office online which can be used to complete some assignments if necessary. They will also be given access to Microsoft Whiteboard, which allows them to annotate a virtual piece of paper which can then be shared with me. 

Your child will also be given access to the VLE (this is currently Microsoft Teams), as well as login details for services such as Zoom if these are required.

Your child will not need to pay for any of the digital services I provide. However, I strongly encourage parents to consider subscribing students to Office 365 desktop - this is the full version of Microsoft Office, which is significantly different from the free version I allocate. This can be purchased directly from Microsoft via the following link, or by searching 'Microsoft 365 Family'.


All lessons are recorded in the interest of safeguarding.

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