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All About Me! 

My name is George - I'm a 21 year old University student training in primary education at the University of Winchester.  Having achieved a 7 (A) at GCSE Computer Science, undertaken an A-Level in English Literature, obtained a first in a level four digital media qualification, and working towards my second year of primary education with the goal of achieving QTS to become a qualified teacher with my own class for a career, I feel I am appropriately equipped to deliver engaging, enticing education to students through digital mediums.

Are you virtual or in person?

I work virtually. I offer students the choice between Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet - however, for learners with digital access requirements, I am willing to download and install any software which enables learners to fully engage.

How do you structure sessions?

I work within a wide range of structures which all place the child at the centre. For some learners, I have very formally set structures, including homework and VLE platforms. For some learners, I adopt a far more 'in the moment' structure. This structure is solely down to the needs of the child and the family.

What ages and subjects do you cover?

My teacher training course is primary education, which covers from reception up to Year 6. However, I extend this within my tuition services, providing services up to and including Year 11. I typically cover core curriculum - Maths, English and Science - however, on occasion I have been known to dip my toes into the wider curriculum!

My child is a little apprehensive of tuition. What can we do?

This is nothing to worry about - in most cases it's normal! Many children are a little apprehensive and afraid of seeking private tuition, as they feel they aren't 'clever enough' to manage without it. I find it helpful for parents to discuss with children that tuition services are not a 'punishment' - they are simply an aid to help them unlock their full potential. I am always happy to meet with students to introduce myself so they can learn that I'm not the evil tutor that is often depicted! 

For the first few lessons with a new student, I will typically go over content they've covered recently - while also developing their flexibility, I find this works tremendously for developing their confidence, which supports resilience when we cover new or more complex content.

Where is my child's information stored?

As a continually evolving practitioner, I utilise a wide variety of services to ensure I am best meeting your child's needs. As a virtual tutor, this means I use multiple digital suppliers to support your child and their learning. 

Please click this link to see a full list of services I use, what is stored and why.

This list may be updated at any time. Where possible, all tutor accounts are secured with two factor authentication and/or biometrics to protect your childs information. Parents are responsible for protecting student accounts.

Are you DBS checked?

Yes. In the interest of safeguarding, I am fully DBS Checked and subscribed to the DBS Update Service - this is available on request. In further line with safeguarding, all virtual lessons are recorded unless under pre-agreed circumstances. Further information regarding safeguarding are available within my policies - I send these out to parents before tuition begins and ask parents to sign with my e-signing platform, Eversign.

What are your fees and how can I pay?

I do not publicise my fees online. However, within my market research, I have found that my rates are below the typical price range that most tutors charge. I accept payment through bank transfer or a debit card portal (see ParentZone). I also take PayPal, but I charge a 22% increased for this due to PayPal fees.

Do you support SEND learners?

Yes! I love working with children from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities, SEND included within this. I am always more than happy to discuss access requirements, and I am always willing to make adjustments where possible via video call. Please reach out to me to discuss your child's needs and I will see what we can do!

How can I contact you?

For students, please email me at, use the chat button on my homepage, or use VLE chat.

Parents are welcome to contact me via my registration form or my email address, Parents are also welcome to contact me via social media, such as WhatsApp, SMS or Facebook Messenger - I do not publicise my telephone number in the interest of child safeguarding, but this is available on request. For safeguarding reasons, students may only contact me via email, website or VLE chat

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