All About Me

My name is George Hall. I'm a nineteen year old student at the University of Winchester who also runs a tuition business, providing virtual education to those who need it. Having achieved a 7 (A) at GCSE Computer Science, and undertaken a year of digital media University education with the University of Winchester (achieving a first in my first year), I feel I am appropriately equipped to deliver engaging, enticing education to students through digital mediums.

How did George Hall Tuition start?

During the initial March 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, I was concerned to see how much children were struggling with online education. Schools were given no time to prepare, so the infastructure for live lessons simply didn't exist, and students were struggling to make sense of spreadsheets they were sent. My A-Level exams had been cancelled at this point, so I wanted to make my time count and support these students as much as I could, taking on a role beyond tutor in partnership with local schools to provide live lessons in many subjects. During this lockdown, I worked with students in reception, Year 1, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 7.

What subjects do you teach?

I predominantly specialise in Maths - however, I have passed all of my GCSEs and I am happy to be flexible for individual student requirements. Please reach out to me to discuss your needs!

How can I contact you?

Parents are welcome to contact me via my registration form or my email address, Parents are also welcome to contact me via social media, such as WhatsApp, SMS or Facebook Messenger - I do not publicise my telephone number in the interest of child safeguarding, but this is available on request. For safeguarding reasons, students may only contact me via email or VLE chat. 

Are you DBS Certified?

Yes. In the interest of safeguarding, I am fully DBS Checked and subscribed to the DBS Update Service - this is available on request. In further line with safeguarding, all virtual lessons are recorded unless under pre-agreed circumstances. Further information regarding safeguarding are available within my policies - I send these out to parents before tuition begins and ask parents to sign with my e-signing platform, Eversign.

My child is a little unsure about tuition. What should I do?

Many children are a little apprehensive and afraid of seeking private tuition, as they feel they aren't 'clever enough' to manage without it. Explain to your child that it's not their fault, and that lessons are a safe and non judgemental place. 

Once an agreement between parents and children has been made, I am more than happy to meet with your child for a short and fun introductory session via video conference! 

Where is my child's information stored?

As a continually evolving practitioner, I utilise a wide variety of services to ensure I am best meeting your child's needs. As a virtual tutor, this means I use multiple digital suppliers to support your child and their learning. 

Please click this link to see a full list of services I use, what is stored and why.

This list may be updated at any time. Where possible, all tutor accounts are secured with two factor authentication and/or biometrics to protect your childs information. Parents are responsible for protecting student accounts.

I have an unanswered question. 

Please contact me and I will be more than happy to assist!